FNF IfiveMini3 Specs and Specifications

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FNF IfiveMini3

:- FNF. mod: IfiveMini3. OS: Android. ver: 4.4. nav: Chrome Mobile. Release date = 2012 Junio. p: touchscreen. QWERTY keyboard. The device is a tablet computer.

Display FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Screen width = 768 px. Screen height = 1024 px. Number of columns = 60. Number of lines = 40. Max image width (viewable) = 320 px. Max image height (viewable) = 400 px. physical screen width = 120 mm. physical screen height = 160 mm. If the user change orientation, effectively inverting screen width and screen height for mobile web browsing..

IMG FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Images : WBMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, transparent png alpha, transparent png index, SVGT v1.1. Number of colors = 65536.

Audio Video playback FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Supports playback of audio/video content which is still being downloaded (progressive download). Progressive download works, but content needs to be hinted.. Videos : 3GPP (including H.263), MP4. AMR; Version = nb.

Audio Video Streaming FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Video streaming. Streaming : 3GPP, MP4. AMR; Codec Version = nb. AAC; Codec Version = lc. Streaming preferred protocol = rtsp.

Sound FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Sound : MP3

Markup language FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Excellent CSS + Ajax. Preferred markup = html web 4 0. Markup : XHTML basic (XHTML reduced to a minimal set of tags), XHTML MP (XHTML with a minimal set of tags with the addition of a few extra tags to allow for the application of WCSS), HTML version 3.2, HTML version 4.

HTML FNF IfiveMini3 specs

HTML Preferred DTD to use = html4. Viewport META tag. Viewport width use device width as value. Browser with canvas HTML 5 = full. Pictures nested within the HTML itself as Base64 ASCII garbage (DATA URI scheme).

CSS FNF IfiveMini3 specs

CSS property width:100% does not work as expected. In those case, one is better off using the max image width to force tables to be the correct size across the screen.. border-image feature, can be used to create fancy buttons = webkit. border-radius feature, can be used for round corners without corner images = webkit. CSS can refer to pictures as backgrounds and clipping..

HTML Extras FNF IfiveMini3 specs

HTTP POST method. Basic Authentication (login and password). Accepts an empty < OPTION > value from a < SELECT >.

Securit FNF IfiveMini3 specs

HTTPS protocol (SSL connections).

Storage FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Max size for the mark-up in a page (XHTML, WML browsers) = 2000000 chars. Max url length in requests = 256 chars.

Bearer FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Maximum bandwidth reachable by the device. = 3600 kilobits (1 kilobit = 1000 bits). WiFi connections.

XHTML FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Supports forms in table. Browser bring you to a separate data entry control". Tables to define layout. CSS for coloring cell table. Allows disabled form elements. Can define the document title with the title tag.. Preferred charset = iso-8859-1. Make phone call string = tel:. Preferred mime type = text/html. Hiperlink prefix to trigger a SMS message. = sms:. Hiperlink prefix to trigger a MMS message. = mms:. File upload. iFrame = full. Cookies. Accepts a cookie set from a different domain (assuming device with default settings). It is better to avoid accesskeys (browser define a standard keyboard accelerators which conflict with the accesskeys).

CHTML FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Prefix to initiate a voice call = tel:.

MMS FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Features a built-in camera.

SMS - SCKL FNF IfiveMini3 specs

SMS enabled.

WML FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Card title support. Table support. A list of links is the most usable menu format. When presenting a list of links the use of < br / > is suggested for better presentation. input and select elements can/should be placed in a single card rather than on discrete cards. Cannot display images and text on same line. Make phone call string = wtai://wp/mc;. Can skip aligned link row with just one click down.

Ajax FNF IfiveMini3 specs

Supports Javascript enabled with following features: alert, confirm, access form elements (dynamically set/modify values), setTimeout, setInterval, document.location.. Ajax can select a node through its ID: getElementById. Syntax to create a XMLHttpRequest() = standard. Can stick a bit of HTML into a DIV. Always make sure you are using the right DTD/Mime-type for the documents, if you intend to use innerHTML().. parentNode, getElementsByTagName and getElementsByName are supported. Modify CSS property programmatically and have the changes all immediately reflected visually in the rendering.. Supports events onload, onclick, onsubmit and onselect. Support event listener.. Preferred way to do geolocation through JavaScript = w3c api.


Native support for PDF files.

Object download specs FNF IfiveMini3

Downloading in an anchor (direct download). OMA specifications for object downloading. Max ringtone voices = 1. Displayable colors for a wallpaper = 2 bits/pixel. Screensaver displayable colors = 2 bits/pixel. Displayable colors in pictures = 2 bits/pixel.

2012 Junio FNF. IfiveMini3. Android. 4.4. Chrome Mobile. 2012 Junio. touchscreen. QWERTY keyboard. The device is a tablet computer.

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FNF IfiveMini3

FNF IfiveMini3 :- FNF. mod: IfiveMini3. OS: Android. ver: 4.4. nav: Chrome Mobile. Release date = 2012 Junio. p: touchscreen. Q...

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